Monday, April 20, 2015


As everyone is off in different directions, there are no summer meetings scheduled. Keep writing!

 If you have a permafree book from any year and/or if you have anything new scheduled for 2017, be sure to send a note to:

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A display of our books will remain at the
, with copies for sale.

The April 22 meeting was at the    Readers and writers joined local authors Roland Boykin (fantasy), Chris Karlsen (time travel-romance), Jennifer Conner (contemporary romance), DV Berkom (crime thriller), Phoebe Matthews (urban fantasy), and Joanne Jaytanie (paranormal romance).

  Jennifer Conner (Books2GoNow) presented a fascinating explanation of the mechanics and challenges of eBook publishing, followed by helpful answers to everyone's questions.

Afterwards, visitors had a chance  to meet the authors and have books signed. 

Roland Boykin did an amazing job of organizing this event, complete with excellent signage on posters and display tables and comfortable seating arrangements for Conner's speech (plus a table full of goodies).